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since I last saw her.

I could almost wish to convey my congratulations to Miss Howard on the conclusions to which she has been conducted: for I am more than apprehensive that the majority of friends are strangers to "the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus their Lord". I would wish some among them to reflect on a passage which I met with in my reading today. "Those who endeavour as they think to take refuge from the mystery of St. Paul in the simplicity of the Gospels, will find, that, if they examine them accurarely the .[truth]... pursues them still. The outline is there in all its perfect lineaments and complete proportions but the entire plan of our redemption is evidently brought out in stronger light and fuller force by the Apostles." Have you not heard many talk of the mysteries of St. Paul? Depend upon it these mysteries are the mysteries of godliness!

I enjoyed my short visit to Henry much. His mother and sisters were in London : but I have seen the latter before now at the Rector's. : you are right in supposing them not very juvenile.

South Newington is one of our small livings, worth about L 280 per ann. The parsonage is a delightful one, quite newly built with an excellent dining room, drawing room and study - five best bedrooms and 3 servant's besides every convenience in the way of cellars, kitchens, waterclosets etc. It is surrounded by gardens with a delightful green house fronting the south..In fact 'twould make Aunt's mouth water. We have a nice estate in the parish which brings us in four or five hundred a year.

With respect to my getting pupils, you may make yourself perfectly easy on that score; for private tutors are wanted much more than pupils. I suppose Newman might get 20 a day if he chose to take them; for he 

Richard said ...
Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 : 07:23
Timothy Stunt said ...

The missing word (given as dots in line 11 of the transcript) is 'truth'. Newton is quoting (not very accurately!) from John Bird Sumner's Apostolical Preaching considered in an examination of St Paul's Epistles, 6th ed. (London 1826) p. 34.  Timothy Stunt

Monday, Oct 1, 2018 : 06:03

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