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Oxford April 23, 1827

is pestered with applications but he wont have more than four. You must patiently bear the expence for a little longer and then I hope you'll never know what it is to want money again. Clarke has put off his examination utill October!  Mr. B[yrth]  has gone to London to be instituted by the Bishop of Chester. Do tell me about Tom Stewart for I know nothing about it.

I shall look out for a letter next Sunday Morning, and that a long one, giving me a full true and particular account of your health etc. Please me to remember me most kindly to Aunt Granny and Amy [Toulmin]. What is Aunt about? Is she reading Dr. Hawker or writing a letter? I fancy she's terribly hard at work about somewhat, as I don't hear much of her.

I am, my dearest Mother

Your most truly affectionate Son

B W Newton.

The above is 4 page quarto folded as usual without envelope crossed two pages..addressed Mrs. Newton 10 Gascoigne St. Plymouth neither stamped nor franked but postmarked Oxford...22...27 Sealed in red wax with a lion walking. Seal.


From a Mem in his mother's handwriting. See also foot of 121.

"My Sister Fox introduced my child  to a friend as "Mr. Nonsuch" . My child (she added)  is a baby to him but I do not desire such forward chicken. He remarked, My Mamma has not so much money as you have Aunt Fox, therefore, I ought to earn."

Sic) Nov 27, 1815  Mr. Byrth says that he never met with such a fixed hand in a child. He is in the Rule of Three and considered quick at figures. 

Richard said ...
Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 : 02:49
Timothy Stunt said ...
Clarke in line 4 was John Clarke of Harberton, Devon who matriculated from Exeter College a year before BWN. See below (page 20) for BWN's account of riding out with Clarke to Henley upon Thames in Oct. 1827. Clarke was later ordained and served in several curacies in Devon. Timothy Stunt
Saturday, Oct 13, 2018 : 05:50

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