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Book 2 - Page: 14


Exeter College August 26, 1827                                                                    page 14

My dear Mother

You can hardly conceive, when I met Bulteel this morning (for he is only now returned) how great my disappointment was at finding he had not brought the anxiously expected parcel. He says that he went into Plymouth almost on purpose to call on you the day before he left but when he got there something else engaged his attention and it entirely escaped his mind. He told you, he says, the day of his return, and was in hopes that when he got back to Belle Vue that you would have sent him the parcel without his calling.

This is exactly like him. A little while ago I was sitting with him just after dinner in the common room when just as he had finished his wine he started up in a fright at recollecting that he was engaged to dine at the Rector's  - which he had entirely forgotten.

The day he went down, he recollected a quarter of an hour before he got into the coach that he had never called on Mrs. Jones [the wife of the Rector of Exeter College] or offered to take anything for her, so that he was obliged, about five miniutes before leaving, to write a note to know whether he should be the bearer of anything into Devonshire. I give him  lecture upon lecture upon this foolish inattention, but all to no purpose.

He of all men ought to be the most scrupulously attentive to all the little civilities which can be paid with a clear conscience - particularly to such people as dislike  him for his doctrine's sake most cordially, and are rejoiced to find anything which they can reprehend.

 I shall not however hold you excused from giving me the cream of your packet in your next letter.Precious little is there to amuse or interest me here, so that you ought to spend double time at least in providing me with a little provender. I have entirely abandoned all thoughts of going up

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