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Oxford Aug 26, 1827

in October. The attainment of First Classes seems getting more and more diffficult. I should be wretched indeed if I considered that I was depending solely on my own strength in the approaching trial. I am fully convinced there is one watching over me who will so direct the issue as shall most conduce to my happiness in time and in eternity.

Henry Martyn when he went into be examined was very much perturbed until just as he enetered the door of the Examination Room. The following text, "Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not" was then presented so vividaly to his mind that his spirits immediately became calm and collected, and he became Senior Wrangler.

Whatever may be my lot, I hope and trust I shall acquiesce without a murmur - I shall have exerted myself to my utmost and I can do no more - as far as human eye can judge, it never appeared so necessary that I should take high honours as at present very, very important does it appear to be, and hard very hard and trying is the labour.  I have to endure - but I hope, as I have already said, I shall submit without a murmur and be thankful for the distinguished blessings I have already received. Your disappointment will try me much more than my own - but I will hope the best. My health continues wonderfully good.

With very dear love to all and a large portion for yourself.

I am, my dear mother

Your most...BWNewton

The above on quarto paper, folded, and addressed Mrs. Newton, 10 Gascoigne Street, Plymouth..franked by same two M as last letter A red seal, blank, not engraved. 

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