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Picture of Some Early Brethren

This is a well known and interesting picture of many of the prominent early Brethren. Hover over a face and the name should appear! This was something I had planned to do for a while myself but just discovered somebody else had already done it. Reproduced with kind permission from here.

Names from Top Left:

  • Mr. Salter
  • Mr. Hammond
  • Sir Edward Denny
  • Mr. Sangord
  • Mr. Bodman
  • Mr. Charles Andrew Coates (b. 7 Dec 1862, d. 7 Oct 1945)
  • Col. R.F. Kingscote
  • Mr. Clark
  • Mr. George Rochester
  • Mr. Arthur
  • Mr. Underwood
  • Mr. Arthur Pollock
  • Mr. Charles Stanley
  • Mr. H.M. Hooke
  • Mr. J. Davies
  • Mr. G. Hulbert
  • Mr. Richard Tunley (see comments)
  • Mr. James Butler Stoney
  • Mr. Edward Dennett
  • Mr. Penson
  • Mr. M. Saaed
  • Mr. Wilkinson
  • Mr. D. Dick
  • Mr. Taylor (not J.T.)
  • Mr. Lawrence
  • Mr. J.W. Smith
  • Mr. W. Magowan
  • Mr. A. Mace
  • Dr. C.J. Davis
  • Mr. W. Johnson
  • Mr. Edgecombe Thomas Ward
  • Mr. J. Tunley
  • Mr. G.W. Fraser
  • Lord A.P. Cecil
  • Mr. Peace
  • Dr. Bodman
  • Mr. J. Ritchey
  • Mr. William Kelly
  • Mr. George Vicesimus Wigram
  • Mr. Collier
  • Mr. George(?) Moody
  • Mr. Coley
  • Mr. George Cutting
  • Mr. Charles(?) Markham
  • Mr. Charles Henry Mackintosh (b. Oct 1820, d. 2 Nov 1896)
  • Mr. Hawkins
  • Mr. J.E. Batten
  • Mr. Huggins
  • Mr. Gaskins
  • Mr. John Nelson Darby (b. Nov 1800, d. 1882
  • Mr. Boodle
  • Mr. Frederick Edward Raven
  • Mr. Leaky
  • Mr. H.C. Anstey
  • Mr. Thomas Henry Reynolds (b. Mar 1830, d. Feb 1930)
  • Mr. F. Cavenagh
  • Mr. W. Moore
  • Mr. Page
  • Mr. A. Cutting

Michael said ...
I think Stoney's first name was James ... And Wigram didn't die on 1 January, but on 1 February 1879; see this snippet from the Pall Mall Gazette of 4 February 1879.
Saturday, Feb 6, 2016 : 03:46
Tom said ...
Thanks Michael, I've corrected those two things now.
Saturday, Feb 6, 2016 : 12:28
Tom said ...
It's interesting though as I think Ourewneel in his history had it that JBS was called John, so I wonder what the origin of this theory was?
Saturday, Feb 6, 2016 : 12:29
Lance said ...
Tom, the top Tunley is I think the (Rev) Richard Tunley - he dropped the Rev. when he came into fellowship
The lower Tunley is listed as J Tunley - was this the one from Guernsey/Jersey or is it Richard Tunley's son William who was listen in the meeting lists under Wolverhampton?
Sunday, Feb 7, 2016 : 08:57
Tom said ...
Thanks Lance .. were these relatives of yours? I don't know much about these names .. the Tunley in Guernsey was a bookseller "Mr. J Tunley of 104 Victoria Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey" and was an agent for WK's books among others, so yes appears to be his photo.
I had thought this picture had been published in a book at some point, but maybe not. would be good to find out who it was who produced it.
Monday, Feb 8, 2016 : 09:24
Tom said ...
It has been pointed out to me this picture is in Noel Vol 2 p 433 with the names as listed here beside it.
Monday, Feb 8, 2016 : 13:19
Christina Lawrence said ...
Mr. Lawrence is also here:
Saturday, Aug 27, 2016 : 15:25
Lance said ...
Hullo Tom
Just discovered without doubt that the second Tunley, my G Grandfather is indeed William Tunley and not 'J' The one above was his father the Rev Richard!
Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 : 21:23

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