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Opinions – Facts

by Arthur Cutting

Reader! whether you are an unpardoned sinner, miserable backslider, or happy believer, we beg of you to read this little paper.

You may deem it altogether unnecessary that a stranger to you should put it into your hands in order, as you may think, to set forth his religious opinions.

Be assured that it would badly serve our purpose to occupy you with our opinions; but there are a few stern and solemn facts to which we earnestly desire to draw your most serious attention.

Unpleasant as the fact may be, and reluctant as you may be to face it, there lies right ahead of you—


We urge upon you in all affection to pause a moment amid the rush of business and pleasure, and consider—

“Where shall I spend Eternity?”

“Eternity! where? Eternity! where?

With Christ in the glory, or be lost in despair,

With one or the other! Eternity! where?”

Besides the future there is the past.

Neither reformation nor religion will undo the past. “God requireth that which is past” (Eccl. 3:15).

What will meet the holy requirements of God with regard to the past?”

“It is not thy tears of repentance or prayers,

But the blood that atones for the soul.”

In consideration of the past and in view of the future, are you at peace with God?

It is our delight to tell you, that in virtue of the finished work of Christ on the cross, God is finding His highest joy in saving guilty sinners.

Long-suffering love still waits upon a ruined world. But salvation’s day is drawing to a close.

Oh! flee to the arms of infinite love today.


The Gospel Messenger 1901, p. 24


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