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Peace was Procured by Christ, the Son of God

by Arthur Cutting

Peace was procured by Christ, the Son of God,

When on the cross He shed His precious blood.

Which brings a pardon, perfect, full, and free,

To guilty rebel sinners such as we.

Peace is proclaimed from heaven’s bright courts of love,

Where Jesus sits at God’s right hand above,

And on His brow rests crown of glory bright—

Blest token of acceptance in His sight.

Peace is possessed by those who simply hide

In Christ alone, and in His word confide;

They read their pardon written full and plain

By God Himself, who sees them without stain.

“He is our Peace” in glory’s highest height,

Changeless, the same, though clouds may dim our sight,

Our peace remains, though joy may come and go,

Peace, perfect peace, our portion here below.

O sinner, God is waiting thee to bless;

His love, which floweth forth in righteousness,

Seeks to bestow on weary, sin-sick hearts,

That living peace which He alone imparts.

A.J.Pollock (verses 1, 3, 5)

A.Cutting (verses 2, 4)

Gospel Tidings Hymn Book

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