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Benjamin Wills Newton

Born: 12th December 1807
Died: 26th June 1899
Appears in Pridham / Borlase / Tregelles / Newton / Lloyd / Howard / Biggs Family Tree

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Marty said ...
From: "Perilous Times" February 1907
"Mrs. Benjamin Wills Newton peacefully passed away into the paradise of God at her residence in Tunbridge Wells on the 25th of December [1906], aged 92. Her last remembered words were:----
"Jesus, Lover of my soul,
Let me to Thy bosom fly."
Sunday, Mar 22, 2020 : 03:52
Brad said ...

Does anyone have any idea what is in Volume 5 of BWN's Works?

Friday, Apr 10, 2020 : 19:01
John said ... are the publishers, so I'm sure an e-mail will give you what you want.
Friday, Apr 10, 2020 : 19:27
Brad said ...
Thank you John for the link. It is more a matter of curiosity than anything else, being that it is the only missing Volume in the set.
Saturday, Apr 11, 2020 : 16:46
Nickie Jeffords said ...
I am presentlyreading " remarks on the revised english version of the Greek new TESTAMENT " , a reprint of this book , 1881. I am interested in getting other books by this gentleman. On page 81 of ch. 7 , fn. Refers to a book or paper titled " occasional papers on scriptural subjects. I would be interested in price list of his writings . Kindest regards , nick jeffords , ( 910 )-465-6684 .
Friday, Nov 20, 2020 : 11:40
Syd said ...
Hi Nickie. I think the paper of BWN you refer to is the same with the one on page iv of the preface in this book on the NT. It is in the above list of his writings on this page -
Friday, Feb 17, 2023 : 23:41
Kyle Yoakum said ...
Burnham in his “A Story of Conflict” (2004) he mentions Nigel Pipworth had a work on B W Newton forthcoming. That was in 2004. I can’t any indication this book was ever published.
Thursday, Aug 31, 2023 : 08:57
CG said ...
Kyle, the book was never published.
Friday, Sep 1, 2023 : 03:10

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