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The Year 1930

The Douay Bible

by D.L. Higgins

Timothy Stunt said ...
I'd like to know more about Dennis Lambert/Lambart Higgins (1847-1943). Born into a respected and pious landowning family in Turvey, Beds., he had a distinguished uncle Charles Longuet Higgins who, under Simeon's influence at Cambridge, had been an evangelical but later was more of a High-churchman, commemorated by his brother-in-law, as 'the good layman' (J.W. Burgon, 'Lives of Twelve Good Men' [1889] ii. 343-422.)
DLH attended Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, and married Theodosia Isabella Tredcroft in 1870; There's a website [] which acknowledges help from but has even fuller details of his publications. He seems to have been living successively in Great Malvern, Clifton and Highgate, dying at the ripe old age of 96 in Muswell Hill. One of your correspondents discovered that he was a cricketer, but can anyone explain how and when – sometime prior to 1885 – he got involved with Brethren? Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, Mar 17, 2020 : 00:32
Tom said ...
He married at age 23, and his wife's grandfather was a brother of GVW's first wife so I assume he joined the meetings early in life.
Tuesday, Mar 17, 2020 : 03:51

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