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George Henry Lang

Born: 20th November 1874
Died: 20th October 1958

G. H. Lang with his wife and daughter Mary Lang Lewis

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Chibueze Ughanze said ...
I love the books by G H Lang.
Please can you upload his other books, especially
1. The Last Assize
2. Clean Heart
3. New Birth
Sunday, Jun 6, 2021 : 05:47
Marty said ...

Many of his writings were published by Colney & Schoettle Publishing, during the 1980's and are still under copyright, including the above.

Sunday, Jun 6, 2021 : 22:26 said ...
I am looking for some, not on the themillenialkingdom site, I do not have the money to buy and ship to my country Nigeria. very different for me Marty
Thursday, Jun 10, 2021 : 02:34
kyle yoakum said ...
Chibueze, I have some articles by Lang I can send via e-mail. But I need your e-mail address. G. H. Lang is my favorite author, Jack Green, who cared for Mary Lang (Lang's only child) when she was older, passed on a few things to me including Lang's Darby Bible.
Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021 : 06:24
Chibueze Ughanze said ...
WOW, Mr. Kyle, didn't see this comment.
I heard that Darby Bible is a very good translation.
Bless God for you. Thank you, I also got your emails as well
Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021 : 01:11
Syd said ...
Chibueze, you'll find some of Lang's books on the Brethren Writers' Hall of Fame website -
Darby's Bible is a good translation, but it remains one that uses the critical text.
Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021 : 03:21
Rodger said ...

"The Christian Relation To The State And To War":

Saturday, Jan 15, 2022 : 13:00
Emmanuel said ...
I will be grateful if someone in the Lord can send me some of GH Lang's and GH Pember's Books :
such as The Histories and Prophecies of Daniel and others as they are expensive for me to buy from India and I cannot afford them.

Thank you
Emmanuel Raj
Postal Mailing Address : H.No# 16-12-202; Janpak, Laxmipur post - 506013
Friday, Apr 1, 2022 : 19:06
Chibueze said ...
Hello brethren, I want to say a big thank you to whomever uploaded more books by G H Lang

God bless you. Please, do keep it coming,

The New Birth would be a great add as well. Thank you!!!
Saturday, Aug 13, 2022 : 19:39
ELA said ...
Bună cum as putea citi și eu o carte a George H Lang
Monday, Sep 26, 2022 : 04:02
Syd said ...
ELA. Faceți clic pe titlurile roșii ale cărților de mai sus și ar trebui să puteți deschide cartea pentru a o citi.
Monday, Sep 26, 2022 : 15:31
Chibueze said ...
Hello Syd, Hi Ela

I'm glad you both are here, feeding on these very precious and indepth exposition of Gods word.

God bless you

Also, God bless you whoever you are, that have uploaded more books on here, from just 1 or 2 to almost the entire collection. I wish you can also add "THE NEW BIRTH"

Saturday, Oct 8, 2022 : 03:24
Erik and Angel said ...
Would appreciate getting a comprehensive list of all GH Lang's books.
Thank you.
Sunday, Nov 19, 2023 : 23:04
Walter Lucas said ...
Graça e paz a todos! Ficarem muito grato ao senhor Jesus se algum irmão me enviasse alguns livros em PDF de G.H Lang e do Robert GOVETT. Meu E-mail é:

Monday, Apr 1, 2024 : 10:28

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