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The Rapture of the Church, God's Resource, in Reference to the Kingdom, as to Those who are Sleeping in Jesus,

by Sir Edward Denny

Syd said ...
A recent guest to the website wrote, referring to the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine—“This is really [an] interesting subject for me because I do not believe there's a pre-tribulation rapture, it's not in Scripture and wondered why these men would hold meetings to discuss not only a rapture before the tribulation but also replacement theology where God would rapture the church and then deal with the Jews.”

This is probably one of the better resourced websites where this topic can be studied because much in the writings on this website of those men of the early 19th century, who studied and debated prophecy, was expositional, prayerfully meditated on, appealed to Scripture alone and refused all private interpretation.

The guest seems a little confused about what replacement theology is. Dealing with the Church and the Jews (nation of Israel) separately is what is termed “dispensational,” whilst Israel becoming the Church and there being no restoration of Israel to the land, as well as its blessings under the new covenant as promised by God, is replacement theology.
Sunday, Nov 5, 2023 : 21:48

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