Brethren Archive
The Year 1841

A Lecture on the Use of Money

by William Trotter

Tom said ...

Note, this was written before his time with Brethren,

Interesting thoughts ... one can make their own mind up whether true or not;

If you knew the immense sums of money which are expended by professing Christians in intoxicat ing drinks, in tobacco and snuff, to say nothing of what is spent in tea and coffee, you would be astonished at the sensuality of the church, and you would see the necessity that there is for plain. and faithful dealing on these matters.

“The lust of the eye;”— that is a desire to gratify curiosity, a craving after the pleasures of sight and imagination. Under this head may be classed all the money that is laid out in novels, light poetry, tales, and other works of the imagination; the money expended in attending theatres and exhibitions; in the purchase of pictures, portraits, and images; in the collection of curiosities; in the cultivation and gratification of a taste for music; and a great part of the 5 money laid out in books of travels and metaphysical speculations.


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