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O Thou, Whose Mercies Far Exceed

by Anonymous

Tune: The Home C.M.D.

Tune: Prospect C.M.D.

1 O THOU, whose mercies far exceed
All we can do or say,
As in Thy people Thou indeed
Dost daily more display;
Let, for our happiness, O God,
On us while here below,
By virtue of Christ's death and blood,
Thy richest blessings flow.

2 Preserve Thy flock most graciously,
By Thine all-powerful hand;
Move them from every harm away,
'Twixt them and danger stand;
Till Thou shalt fully have obtained
In us the fruits of grace,
And we, in joys that never end,
Shall see Thee, face to face.

3 Do Thou, the very God of peace,
Us wholly sanctify,
And grant us such a rich increase
Of power from on high,
That spirit, soul and body may,
Preserved free from stain,
Be blameless until that great day;
Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

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