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O Come, Thou Stricken Lamb Of God

by Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760)

Tune: Brookfield L.M.

Tune: Pentecost L.M.

1 O COME, Thou stricken Lamb of God!
Who shed'st for us Thine own life-blood,
And teach us all Thy love --- then pain
In life were sweet and death were gain.

2 Take Thou our hearts, and let them be
For ever closed to all but Thee;
Thy willing servants, let us wear
The seal of love for ever there.

3 How blest are they who still abide
Close sheltered by Thy watchful side;
Who life and strength from Thee receive,
And with Thee move, and in Thee live.

4 Ah, Lord! enlarge our scanty thought,
To know the wonders Thou hast wrought;
Unloose our stammering tongues to tell
Thy love, immense, unsearchable.

5 Firstborn of many brethren, Thou!
To whom both heaven and earth must bow;
Heirs of Thy shame and of Thy throne,
We bear the cross, and seek the crown.

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