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O Lord, By Faith We Look Above

by W. Yerbury (d. 1863)

Tune: Hamburg L.M.

Tune: In Christ Alone L.M.

1 O LORD, by faith we look above,
And crowned with brightest glory see
Thyself, by man once crowned with thorns,
And hear Thee say, "Remember Me."

2 The cross! 'twas there Thou bowedst Thy head;
There deeper pangs than mortals know
Did rend Thy heart, and deepest floods
Of wrath divine did Thee o'erflow.

3 Thine anguish, Lord, in that dread hour,
When God in justice hid His face,
And earth and hell conjoined their power,
Surpasses human thought to trace.

4 Love brought Thee down, love led Thee on,
Nor aught Thy steadfast heart could move,
Till all redemption's toil was done;
Oh, matchless mystery of love!

Chuck said ...
This has to be the most touching him in all of the hymn book. I love how this hymn speaks to my heart.
Saturday, Nov 26, 2022 : 21:35

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