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O Glorious Lord! What Thoughts Thy Mind Did Fill

by Henry (Harry) Filor Nunnerley

Tune: Speranza

1 O GLORIOUS Lord! what thoughts Thy mind did fill
When from Thy God Thou cam'st to do His will!
How deep, indeed, the joy that filled Thy heart --- 
That myriad sons with Thee should find their part!

2 Thy brethren, Lord, Thine own and one with Thee,
Were in Thy heart when dying on the tree;
Thy church complete and in Thy beauty dressed --- 
The day of God and love divine at rest.

3 O blessed Lord, what treasured thoughts unfold
In light divine, as we Thy face behold!
Now on our view unbounded glories break,
That speak Thy fame and songs eternal wake.

Mackie said ...
A well-sung hymn. Beautiful!
A very touching hymn to a believer.
Monday, Aug 7, 2017 : 19:46
Mackie said ...
That Brother can really sing!
To God be the glory!
Thursday, Sep 28, 2017 : 23:21
Tom said ...
Haha yes I know who you mean .. he is a young brother over here!
Friday, Sep 29, 2017 : 10:12
Mackie said ...
We have a Sister in our assembly in Florida who is blessed with a wonderful voice also. I'd love to hear them both in the same assembly singing a collection of these beautiful hymns. It would be something to behold!

Oh, and by the way, Tom, I'm still waiting for more hymns to be ready for listening on this site, whenever possible. It would be great to have more hymns with that Brother singing. Thanks for your work!
Sunday, Oct 1, 2017 : 05:18
Tom said ...
Hi Mackie .. yeah ill try to upload some more, I mean to get in the habit of 5 a day to get the lot done. The one's with that brother were taken from some informal stage singing that used to be done in the evening at one of the conferences. Unfortunately we don't use that venue any more so that collection is limited (and we tended to sing the same ones each year when we did it!) but I'll try to collect those we have and add them first.
Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017 : 19:46
Mackie said ...
Thanks, Tom!
Continue to be used by God.
Thursday, Oct 5, 2017 : 15:48
Mackie said ...
I've never heard a voice like what that Brother has! What a blessing!
Thursday, Nov 2, 2017 : 16:23
phillip alamangos said ...
what lovely singing. As only it seems brethren can do. Hope to visit again
Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018 : 11:31
Syd said ...
I discovered this hymn, following up on who Harry Nunnerley was. Probably the best singing I've heard. That brother clearly eases up a bit so that the choral, harmonising voices of the ladies come out so beautifully. One's spirit does soar!
Thursday, Jan 19, 2023 : 21:25

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