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O Saviour We Would Contemplate Thee

by William Anglin

Tune: Meditation 9s

1 O SAVIOUR we would contemplate Thee
In all Thy pathway here so lowly,
Thy life so pleasing to Thy Father,
So perfect, faithful, and so holy.

2 Though Son of God, yet Man of Sorrows,
With human grief Thou wast acquainted,
Through want and woe Thy pathway leading,
Yet ever wast with sin untainted.

3 O Lord, we see Thee in the garden,
In agony of intercession,
With falling blood-drops, tears and crying,
We contemplate Thy holy passion.

4 O Saviour, we Thy cross remember,
When Thou, the weight of sin enduring,
Becam'st the holy spotless Victim,
For us eternal life securing.

5 By faith we see Thee high exalted,
The crown of glory ever wearing,
Where every heart and voice united,
"The Lamb is worthy" are declaring.

André said ...
Sunday, Jan 9, 2022 : 09:23
Nick Fleet said ...
It is sung a bit too fast here and the duration of the fourth note on each of the first three lines (in verse 1, "we", "path-", and "pleas-") should be held for 5 beats not 3. It is generally sung at the breaking of bread and therefore not usually recorded but I'll see what I can find.
Monday, Jan 9, 2023 : 02:18

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