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Down from the Glory Came God’s Blessed Son

by Arthur Cutting

Down from the glory came God’s blessed Son,

Lost ones to save, lost ones to save;

Went into death and the victory won,

Triumphant rose from the grave;

Mighty to save! mighty to save!

Now in the glory He’s able and willing to save.

Sin’s bitter judgment He bore on the tree,

Dying to save, dying to save;

So that the sinner might justly go free,

His precious blood Jesus gave;

Sinners to save, sinners to save,

Now He is righteously able the guilty to save.

Sinner, God bids thee on Jesus believe,

Now while you may, now while you may;

Peace and salvation through Him you’ll receive;

Do not, oh, do not delay!

Haste thee away! haste thee away!

Infinite love waits to welcome the sinner today.

God’s night of judgment is nearing apace.

No mercy there! no mercy there!

Fast to its close speeds the day of His grace,

Who shall thy woe then declare?

Oh! then beware! Oh! then beware!

Lose not thy soul for earth’s vanities lighter than air.


Gospel Tidings Hymn Book

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