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We Praise Thee for Thy Spirit, Lord

by Arthur Cutting

We praise Thee for Thy Spirit, Lord,

The blessed Holy Ghost,

The promised Comforter from heaven,

Who came at Pentecost.

We praise Thee for His sovereign grace,

That broke our darkness through;

And wrought within us by Thy word

A birth divinely new.

We praise Thee that He is the Seal,

Whereby we’re marked as Thine,

Until redemption’s day shall dawn,

And we in glory shine.

We praise Thee for the Earnest given,

Of blessings yet in store,

The great inheritance which we

Shall share for evermore.

We praise Thee that the Unction sent

Abides in us for aye,

To be our Teacher, Guide and Strength,

Along life’s upward way.

We praise Thee for those ties divine

That bind Thy saints to Thee,

As members of Thy body one—

The Spirit’s unity.

We praise Thee for the work which He

Hath in our souls begun,

To form in us a transcript here

Of God’s beloved Son.

H.P.Barker (verses 1, 3, 4, 7)

A.Cutting (verses 2, 5, 6)

Gospel Tidings Hymn Book

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