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Abraham’s Altars

by G.J. Stewart

Extracted from a letter

“I have been noticing Abraham’s altars lately. None in Ur, or Haran or Egypt. The first is in the Land of Promise, where it is renewed (Gen. 12:7). The place must be right as well as the person. The God of glory and of promise was worshipped here.

Then, second (v. 8), at Bethel, while walking through the land, he, as a pilgrim and a stranger, still worshipped the same God.

Then Egypt intervenes with its blank; and then, third, the place where he made the altar at the first (chap. 13:4), still standing, I judge, neglected, and calls again upon the God of restoration. How many a forsaken altar awaits the return of the builder; God too awaiting it in patient grace!

Then, fourth, after Lot goes; in the plains of Mamre he builds again (13:18); and here he stays long (see chap. 18), and has much communication of the divine mind, being associated together (Hebron) with God there—the God of revelation and deliverance.

Then comes the Philistine’s land (chaps. 20, 21) and no altar there, though this was in the laud, but a grove (21:33). And, finally, fifth, the altar on Moriah. He learns the God of resurrection. May we know Him thus.”


Scattered Seed 1885, p. 162

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