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"My Grace is Sufficient for Thee."

by William Arthur Garratt

THUS saith the Lord, but have we grasped the truth in its full meaning?  Alas, no! How often when we most need it, then we fail to realise its power.  For every need, and in every time of need, His grace is sufficient.  Have we not proved it so many times?  When all else failed and other springs grew dry, we turned to Him "in whom dwelleth the fulness," and there we were satisfied.  But even yet, how frequently we persist in seeking relief, first from earthly sources, ere we flee to the Fountain Head itself, one draught from which suffices, and we thirst not again.   All-sufficiency is in Christ; enough, yea and more than our utmost needs.  Then why should we hesitate to draw from the treasure-house of a Father's love?  Ah! weary soul, look not around, but above, to Him, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all things.  In Him thou shalt find rest.  "His grace is sufficient," ever has it been so, and throughout eternity, still will it be the same.  "Sufficient for thee" thou tried and faithless one; for thee, thou who art longing for love which passeth knowledge, comfort unmeasured, and sympathy unbounded.   He knows thy need; His grace is sufficient, and He alone can meet it.
Dost thou pause?  Nay, launch forth into the mighty ocean of His love, give thyself wholly and entirely to Jesus, then indeed, will His own sweet peace fill thy soul in a sense hitherto unknown, and thou shalt be satisfied.
Beloved, let us realise that His strength is made perfect in our weakness; may we learn to be nothing, that Christ may work in us to will and to do of His good pleasure, and even though we be surrounded by sorrow, trial, and temptation, still we know God's all-sufficient grace will carry us through.
Glenvar.  W. A. G.
“Footsteps of Truth” 1885

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