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by William Arthur Garratt

“Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.” —John ii. 5.
AH! how we shrink and tremble as we think of all that may be hidden in the Word, of how much it may involve, of how great the sacrifice may be!  Ofttimes the heart fails at the thought of the weight of the cross or the weariness of the way by which our Lord may call us to follow Him.  And wherefore is it thus?  Me-thinks we are too often occupied with what Christ may require us to do rather than with Him who gives the command.  “Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.”  Oh! trembling soul, lose not sight of the blessed fact that it is thy Father who speaks; ’tis He who loved and gave Himself for thee; 'tis the voice of Him whose compassions fail not, and whose very heart is love infinite.  “Only let thy Father do what He will.  ”Canst thou not trust Him?   He knoweth thy frame; He remembereth that thou art dust, and whatsoever He giveth thee will just be in proportion to what thou art able to bear—no more.  Thou needest nought save a willing heart which leaps out in gladness to do thy Master’s bidding.  His commandments are not grievous.  Perchance ’twill be things light and easy that thou canst do without a thought of pain or trouble, or it may be He has some heavy cross which thou must bear for many a year.  But shrink not, faithless one; thy God will share it with thee, and “as thy days, thy strength shall be.”  He sends thee forth not alone; He doth not leave thee to carry the full weight of the burden; nay, He bids thee cast it all upon Him.  Then look thou up into His dear face and whisper, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?   I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest.”  Give Jesus thy heart’s implicit trust—He will not fail thee,
—be ready to fulfil His every wish—He will not demand too much,—-go where He leads thee,—He knows the way,—and all dread of the “whatsoever,” ere it meet thee, will be lost in the sweet consciousness of a child delighting to do its Father’s will.
“Service of Jesus! oh, service of sweetness!
There are no bonds in that service for me;
Full of delight and most perfect completeness,
Evermore His, yet so joyously free!“
GIenvar.   W. A. G.
“Footsteps of Truth” 1887

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