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by William Arthur Garratt

How many hearts there are not really satisfied, always in a state of unrest, and ever longing after some object beyond their reach.  But why is it so?  Is it not because they fail to realise the precious truth that “He satisfieth the longing soul” (Psa. cvii. 9)?  In Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge; yea, and of love too, love which is unfathomable in depth, incomprehensible in its magnitude, and knowing neither change nor end.  Is it any wonder then, that those seeking to be filled by drinking from earth’s “broken cisterns,” wells without water, find their thirst still unquenched?
As the prodigal in the land of famine became conscious of his unsupplied need, while yet there was bread enough and to spare in his father’s house, so must we learn to forsake the husks of the far country for the royal bounty of our King.
The correct rendering of Psa. cvii. 9, is, I believe, “He satiates the longing soul,” which conveys the idea of a more complete state of satisfaction, and, if we might so use the illustration of a piece of sponge when immersed in water, which takes up as much as it can contain; so the person of Christ is capable of satisfying every wish of these hearts of ours.
Note how the Bride finds all that her soul can desire in her Beloved (Cant. v. 16): “He is altogether lovely.”  After describing His many perfections, she sums them up in the one word, “altogether lovely."
Does He occupy this place in our affections?  Does He fill each heart, and is Christ the whole absorbing thought of our lives?  This is what the Lord looks for, and in justice, He claims pre-eminence over all things, for is He not the Head of the Church, His Body?  May we just learn to be passive in the hands of a loving Saviour, that He may work in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Look to Him at all times, and whatsoever be thy need, thou shalt find it more than supplied at the hand of thy bountiful heavenly Father.
Glenvar.   W. A. G.
“Footsteps of Truth” 1884

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