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God says I am Saved

by W.T.P. Wolston

I wish you would be like a man I met lately. He was a Christian.

“How long is it since you were converted?” said I.

“Twenty-three years ago, and it was through you.”

“How did it come about? Was it through the preaching?”

“Oh, no. I was a farm servant in Perthshire, and one day while tending the cows in the byre (barn) the postman brought a letter to me, and inside the letter was a little book, ‘God says I am saved’ (by the author). Well, I read it, and when I came to the bit, ‘I’m only a poor sinner, but Jesus died for me, and I believe in Him, and God says I’m saved, and so I know I am,’ I said to myself, I know that I am saved too, and I have never had a doubt for three and twenty years.”

You just be as simple, and then you will be able to sing—

O happy day, O happy day,

When Jesus washed my sins away.”


Help and Food 1927

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