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Peter Hynd Sr.
17th December 1849 ~ 12th January 1904.  Age 54.
Born at Merryston Square, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Died at Troon Ayrshire, Scotland.
Buried in Troon Cemetery.
For Bio's see "The Witness 1904 p.36; "The Believer's magazine" 1904 p.24 
& "The Believer's Pathway" 1904 p.21-25.
Father:  Thomas Hynd - 20th June 1827 ~ 27th September 1878.  Age 51.
Mother:  Isabella Gowen Morriss Fisher - 1828 ~ 28th April 1914.  Age 85-86.
Brothers & Sisters:
James - 22nd September 1847 ~ Died young.
James - 15th October 1851 ~ Died young.
John - 3rd October 1853 ~ 22nd July 1930.  Age 76.
Christina - 25th June 1855 ~ Died young.
Thomas - 13th March 1857 ~ Died young.
Henry - 7th December 1858 ~ 
Alexander - 18th November 1860 ~ 1st July 1906.  Age 45.
Jane - 12th June 1862 ~ 3rd September 1918.  Age 56.
Isabella - 17th April 1864 ~ 22nd June 1887.  Age 23
Thomas - 10 December 1865 ~ 
William - 1st September 1867 ~ 6th February 1881.  Age 13.
Christina - 5th February 1869 ~ 12th October 1914.  Age 45.
Catherine - Adopted.
Daisy - Adopted.
Christina Watson - c1849 ~ 23rd February 1933.  Age 81.
Married on 4th March 1870 at Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Born at New Biggin Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Died at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Sons & Daughters:
Thomas Felix - 23rd December 1870 ~ 30th October 1891. Age 20.
Death notice: "The Believer's Magazine" 1891 p.143.
John - 18th July 1872 ~ 10th February 1929. Age 56.
Peter - 24th January 1874 ~ 28th September 1950. Age 76.
For Bio's see Assembly Annals 1950 pp.295-6. & "Letters of Interest" Jan. 1953 
Christina (Ritchie) - 1875 ~ 30th December 1954.  Age 79.
James Henry - 1877 ~
Alexander - 1883 ~ 26th November 1909. Age 26.
Mark Kerr - 1886 ~
Janet Rae - 1887 ~ 30th December 1891. Age 4.
Isabella Fisher (Harris) - 1893 ~ 27th March 1928. Age 34.

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Another Peter Hynd.  Don't know if he is related to the above.

Peter Hynd of Dreghorn, who has for the past few years, been well known in many parts of Scotland, as an acceptable preacher of the Word, spending week-ends and taking meetings while following his employment in connection with a local coal mine, in the district.  He had been evangelising in Camelon, near Falkirk, for some five weeks, and had returned to his home that week-end, and gone out to his work on Thursday morning.  While thus employed, a piece of coal fell down the shaft, severely bruising his hand and leg.  He was taken to Kilmarnock Infirmary, and the bruised hand operated on.  Septic poisoning set up, and increased, causing internal hemorrhage, from which he passed to be with Christ on Thursday night, 15th November 1924, at the age of 35, leaving his young wife, a babe of four months, and a widowed mother, to mourn his loss.  It is a "mysterious" act of the Lord's hand, as man sees it, to call one away, so promising in His service, and whose ministry was so well received.  But the Lord's path is "in the deep waters," and "His footsteps are not known" (Psa. Ixxxii. 10).  Yet "God is His own interpreter," and He will yet justify all His dealings with His people, however mysterious they now may be to us. The opportunity is now with us, and with all who benefited by our brother's ministry, to show their love and practical sympathy with those he has left.  And it is desired by those who know the circumstances, that Christian love will not be behind in doing this, in a way "worthy of God," and of His Name.  A fuller memoir of Mr. Hynd, with photo., appears in The Christian Worker for December, 1924.  

"The Believer's Magazine 1924


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Marty said ...
Another Mr. Hynd from Dreghorn.
With the Lord:
James Hynd, Dreghorn, on 9th July 1965, aged 83. Saved over 60 years ago at Crosshouse. A short time in the Plann Assembly, but for over 50 years in Dreghorn where he was very active as S.S. Supt., Bible Class Leader, Leader of the Praise, Overseer and Assembly Correspondent, in which work he and his wife"(who predeceased him nearly 2 years ago) were much given to hospitality. He was for many years a member of the Ayrshire Assemblies Tent Committee. He maintained a keen interest in the work of the local assembly, in tent work, and in the work of the Lord further afield. He was highly esteemed and respected in the locality. A very large and representative company attended the funeral service. "Whose faith follow,"
"The Believer's Magazine" 1965
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