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A Single Eye.

by Peter Hynd Sr.

THE principle of acting simply for God makes plain the path of duty, glorifies the commonest actions of every-day life, solves the perplexing questions constantly arising, enables us to choose the proper means to effect our purposes, and delivers completely from the tormenting anxieties about our circumstances, that otherwise would disturb our peace.
Selfishness is the great hindrance to a single eye; unperceived, usually, is our attachment thereto. Whilst all on fire to serve the Lord, schemes of our own are leading us aside.  Trust in our own management has brought to grief many a promising work of God.
Our eyes must be opened, although the awaking is ofttimes rude and unpleasant.  Whilst God is gracious in His dealings with our failure, yet He will not accept the performance of a divided heart.
When the Word of Christ dwells in us richly, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts, and we then possess the only motive to godly living worthy of the name.  This leads to the prayer----"My soul, wait thou only upon God."  The path becomes one of faith alone; and though oppositions should abound on every side, discouragement will not be felt.
Leal-hearted obedience must be the object of our lives.  The cares of this life belong to Christ, who was not more willing to bear our sins, than He is every moment to bear these cares.  The thought----''I've only One to please," gives clearness of vision; and when this is true of us, the light of Divine guidance is no mere abstraction, but such a reality, as enables the Christian to go forward fearlessly.
"Feed My Sheep"

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