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Galatians v. 22.

The Fruit of the Spirit.

by Peter Hynd Sr.

"THE fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, truth."  You can't preach more than you practice, if you do, when you speak to people, they will laugh at you. Otherwise your visits will be relished, your return will be longed for, your words will be weighed and considered.  No man is Christ-like who ceases to have heart sympathy for those he has had to break fellowship withWe wonder sometimes when we preach, how we get no hearing, and we blame our brethren or the people, instead of blaming ourselves.
There never was a man had power over his fellows, but he gained his power by his life.  Many Christians are always "scolding," and then wonder why others do not accept their counsel.  Would the fire burn if you put water on it? Use entreaty, display only the healthy side, not the sores. Look much upward and much inward.  Thus, you will cultivate wisdom and compassion, both of which are essential to edifying ministry.
"Feed My Sheep"

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