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Love In Its Activities.

by Peter Hynd Sr.

THERE is no motive like Love.  Ambition, hope, fear, make no such sacrifices. Witness the love of God.  Love on the Divine pattern is constant and unchangeable. Its emotions are sometimes mistaken for itself, as when David "panted" and "thirsted" for the living God.  These shewed his love.  See also Abraham pleading for the cities of the plain; Moses pleading for Israel.  A woman will forgive almost everything where the affections are concerned, except a transference of love.  Our Father, God, is jealous too of His people's love; we are His betrothed for ever.  Love in the abstract is no use; it must be seen in manifestation.  "If ye love Me, keep My commandments" (John xiv. 15).  Love to Christ manifests itself in active work.  For this, Three things are pre-supposed:----
I.----Life.----I ask a woman, Where is your husband?"  She replies, "At work!"  I do not then require to ask if he is alive.  The world is full of professedly religious "work," but is there life behind it?  Is it all His workmanship?
II.----Healthy Life.----There are degrees of life.  There is a great difference between being just alive and all alive.  We must know the Lord not only as our Life, but our Health.  Those in hospital are alive, but they could not dig a drain, or carry a sack of flour.  The Love of God must be shed abroad in our hearts, infusing vigour and strength into our souls.
III.----A Call to Work.----A large employer of labour has men for all classes of work. "To every man his work."  Each has his own line in the work of the Lord as well, and it is of the utmost importance for every Christian to find out his sphere.  There is an immense difference between engaging in God's work and doing work for God.  It is possible to be up to the eyes in God's work, and still be doing little real work for God. Some have "quicksilver" in their composition; they are restless, and "must work," but have no constancy, patience, or perseverance.  The only thing that will keep you at "white heat" from January 1st to December 31st is not because the work is God's, but that you are working for God; and God's power is Love poured into your heart from on high.
In working for God, remember His eye sees.  Nehemiah set a watch on the top of the wall, where everyone and everything was under observation.  So, our Leader has every worker under His eyes.  A servant girl professed conversion, and someone interrogated her mistress as to what she thought of it.  "She must be converted," was the reply, "for she sweeps under the mats now."  Be thorough in all things connected with the work of God.  It is no child's play; labour day in and day out.  It means much, but love makes the moments fly.  Jacob's seven years' service for Rachel seemed only a few days, for the love he bore to her.
"Feed My Sheep"

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