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Jottings From A Well-Marked Bible.

by Peter Hynd Sr.

    Typical Character of Scripture.

Galatians.----Refers to Hagar and Sarah; shews them to represent the two Covenants.
Hebrews.----To Melchizedec; type of Christ.
Peter's Epistles.----The flood.

All this requires prayerful study and deep meditationAny moderately well-educated man has some knowledge of botany and astronomy, but only a botanist and an astronomer can enter into these subjects fully.  Become a specialist in the Word.  It is good to read the Bible, as men cultivate the earth for food; but better still to learn the ways of God.  Each Book of the Bible has a special subject.
Genesis (the beginning).----Seed plot----The place of roots, as Revelation is of full development.  All that springs from man, whether of good or evil, whether of nature or Divine grace.
Exodus.----Redemption----A necessity.
Leviticus follows.----Not only Redeemed, but "brought nigh"; access to God.
Numbers.----Wilderness experience.
Deuteronomy.----Rules and precepts for a Redeemed people.
Joshua.----In the land----the place of conflict answering to the believer "In heavenly places."----See Eph. i.
Judges.----Failure in conflict; making friends with the world, instead of being separated from it.
Ruth.----A typical glimpse of the Church; how the alien was brought into the place of blessing.
I and II. Samuel; I and II. Kings; I. and II. Chronicles.----Various forms of rule; some of God; some of sin and Satan.
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.----Backsliding and restoration.
"Feed My Sheep"


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