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The Bible.

by Peter Hynd Sr.

Books go out of date, this one, never.  Books have been suppressed, this one, never.  Persecution only deepened its impression; this fact is well authenticated from history, it being the finger-marks of God.  If a pestilence were raging and thousands were dying, and a medicine were discovered which cured instantaneously, all would believe on it.  So, the plague of sin has been cured.  Hark! the song from the countless multitude on high of every nation and every kindred.  A testimonial to the virtue of the Word of God.
Men scoff at certain Bible facts, but history and research prove them to be true.  The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is declared to be absurd, masses of sulphur have been fished up from the waters of the Dead Sea, where these cities stood.  "The three days' journey to Nineveh," described in Jonah iii. 3, is disputed.  Layard, the great Eastern traveller, has laid bare the facts, and proved it to be correct.  Moses speaks of "Vineyards in Egypt"----there are none now, and the critic challenges the veracity of it; but not long ago, a painting was discovered in that land with a representation of wine on it.
The Bible is right in style.  Read the book at the middle, end, and preface, and you can't understand it; you must read it from the beginning, then everything is in order. Every sentence is packed full of meaning.  There is immense variety, but no contradiction.  Jesus is the platform.  Prophets behind threw light on Him; Apostles and Evangelists are the footlights; Heaven and Earth are the audience.
It is right in its effects.  No book like it for the anxious soul.  The sinner reads the law and is condemned; he reads the Psalms and they describe his own feelings; he flies to good works, but Paul shews him a man is not justified by his works; discouraged and helpless he hears one say, "Come unto Me."  It is Jesus.
"Feed My Sheep"


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