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A Message For You (poetry)

by Inglis Fleming

Tune: “Beautiful Snow”

Christ Jesus, the Lord over all,

Who dwelt in His home in the sky,

Created the worlds by His word,

Once came down from heaven to die—

Down, down, down,

In love came from heaven to die.

Meek, good, and gentle was Jesus,

Spotless, and holy, and true,

Doing the will of His Father,

All that He gave Him to do—

On, on, on,

Till Calvary’s darkness He knew.

Judgment from God there He bore,

Enduring the wrath against sin:

Suffering, the just for the unjust,

Endless salvation to win—

Yes, yes, yes,

Salvation for sinners to win.

Now He is risen, and seated

At the right hand of the throne;

All His great work is completed,

Fully His blood did atone;

All, all done,

Praise Him, oh! praise Him alone.

Soon He is coming from heaven—

Coming His loved ones to call,

Then, raised or changed in a moment,

Like Him and with Him are all; —

Then, then, then,

Low at His feet they will fall.

Still He is tenderly calling:

“Sinners, now come unto Me

Tarry no longer in danger,

Mercy is boundless and free:—

Now, now, now,

Trust Him, and saved you will be.


Scattered Seed 1886, 56

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