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Eternity’s Call

by Inglis Fleming

The days in their coming and going,

A story repeat o’er and o’er:

That life is a pilgrimage journey,

To Eternity’s glorious shore.

Oh! blessed unchanging “For Ever”!

My heart is enraptured with Thee;

My home is with Christ in the glory—

The glory He purchased for me.

The beams from its glad open portals

Illumine my way as I go;

Though the world lies enshrouded in darkness,

Life’s light shines upon me below.

Old Time hastens on with his burden,

His sun will soon sink in the west;

But mine is a portion unchanging,

For ever “in Christ” I am blest.

Time’s tides in their ebbing and flowing,

Have wrought all the changes I’ve seen;

But Christ is the Same and abideth,

And He ever with me has been.

The days in their coming and going,

Will sing but the Song of His love;

I’ll pillow my head on his bosom,

Till Eternity calls me above.


(Suggested by a German Stanza)

Scripture Truth 1913

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