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Praise (poetry)

by Inglis Fleming

Praise we Thee our God and Father,

In Thy love our hearts delight,

In that love Thou now hast made us,

Meet to dwell in heavenly light.

None had seen Thee, none had known Thee,

But Thy Son came forth in love;

All Thy majesty maintaining,

All Thy faithfulness to prove.

His alone the cross of judgment,

His alone the wrath to bear,

His alone the night of darkness,

None with Him that woe could share.

Now in resurrection glory,

He Thy name to us makes known;

In the midst of His assembly,

Leads the praises of His own.

Gladly we have heard His message,

Gladly join we in the praise,

Gladly swell the song triumphant,

First fruits of eternal lays.

Ours Thy Home of love celestial,

When our race on earth is run,

By Thy purpose chosen for us,

By His sorrows for us won.

Praise we Thee our God and Father,

Praise Lord Jesus Christ be Thine,

By the Spirit now we worship,

Glorying in love divine.


S.T. 1942

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