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Live a Day at a Time

by Inglis Fleming

Each day is like a fresh young life,

As though it stood alone,

Its minutes as if hours to use,

Its hours as years to own.

Each is a day “The Lord hath made,”

A life that He has given

To spend for Him in service blest,

A foretaste of his heaven.

His grace has blotted out our guilt,

“In Christ” it is we joy;

Then things behind forget, and all

Your power for Him employ.

One day, one life, oh, who shall say

What harvest is above,

Of words you speak in tenderness,

Of deeds you do in love?

A prayer sincere, a hymn of praise,

A smile, a look, a tear;

May move a soul to seek its God,

May still an anxious fear.

Then live each little life to Him,

To whom you now belong;

He’ll make each day an anthem sweet,

Each little life a song.


Scattered Seed 1923, p. 71

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