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In the Midst (poetry)

by Inglis Fleming

John 19:18, Matthew 18:20, Revelation 5:6

“In the midst,” O Lord, we view Thee,

Tasting death upon the tree,

Midst the darkness and the distance,

Thus to set Thy people free

Thou hast suffered,

That Thine own might with Thee be.

“In the midst,” O Lord, we know Thee,

Gathered to Thy Name are we,

To the Father Thou hast brought us,

Trophies of Thy victory:

Thou art risen,

And Thy triumph now we see.

“In the midst,” O Lord, exalted,

High in honour on the throne;

Heav’n proclaims the joyful story,

Thou shalt reign as Lord alone:

Thou art coming,

Hushed shall be creation’s groan


Words of Grace and Encouragement 1909

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