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God, from His Throne on High

by Inglis Fleming

God, from His throne on high,

Gave His own Son to die;

His only Son, in wondrous grace;

That sinners blest might be

From Satan’s power set free

And dwell in love before His face.

From heav’n the Saviour came:

“Jesus” His precious Name,

The mighty One, of all things Lord;

Lost, sinful man to save,

To triumph o’er the grave,

And bring the wand’rer home to God.

He heals the sin-distressed;

The weary come for rest;

And old and young may learn His love;

To Him they gladly press,

He every one doth bless,

And one and all His goodness prove.

Then onward to the cross,

Through toil, and grief, and loss,

The Man of Sorrows wends His way

To sheathe the judgment sword,

The wrath He there endured,

And now is crowned in brightest day.

Come to Him, sinner, come,

Nor longer from Him roam,

Come as you are, in all your sin;

Sad, guilty, helpless, lost,

Tried, troubled, tempest-tossed,

By Christ, the Door, now enter in.


Gospel Tidings Hymn Book

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