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A Song of Hope (poetry)

by Inglis Fleming

In Christ we’re loved, in Christ we’re blest,

In Him we surely stand;

And all is made to work for good,

Beneath His skilful hand.

His home above shines ever fair,

Before our raptur’d eyes;

This world—defiled—is not our rest,

“Arise! depart!” He cries.

He comes! He comes! the gladd’ning word,

Falls sweet upon our ear;

The right is His, the crown He’ll wear,

God’s victory is near.

This storm-swept world, at His command,

From waging war will cease;

The King shall reign in righteousness,

The nations be at peace.

Come then, Lord Jesus, claim Thy bride,

Come, Lord, and take Thy throne;

Come and fulfil God’s counsels vast,

Come! hush creation’s groan.

Earth calls in pain, ’tis Thou alone

Canst it from bondage free;

Lord! make the deserts bloom;

Lord, bring the year of Jubilee.


S.T. 1916


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