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Beloved of God, Called Saints

by Inglis Fleming

How much is contained in the brief expression, “Beloved of God, called saints!” Christians are “beloved of God,” Christians are “called” of God, Christians are “saints” of God. Happy are those who know their privileges and who seek to act in accordance with them!

“Beloved of God.” The believer is brought into a circle of nearness and dearness, and he is to know it, that he may rejoice in the relationship and blessing that are his. It has been said that Christians know more of the light than of the warmth of their blessing in Christ, God in His goodness would have us know both, that knowing the joyful sound, we may walk before Him in the light of His countenance, He who is our Sun and Shield.

An old believer used to say to some of his fellow-Christians, “Sit still, and let the Lord love you.” And good it is in these days of hurry and flurry among men to retire into the presence of God and let the rays of His everlasting love fall upon us. We read of David that when God had spoken of the blessing which was to be his portion and the portion of his house, he went in and sat before the Lord. Then being there in the joy of His presence, knowing His goodness, he poured out his heart’s praise and worship.

Does one enquire, Why does God love us? In answer let me ask if you ever noticed why the Lord loved Israel. Moses answers that in Deuteronomy 7:7 we read “The Lord did not set His love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people, for ye were the fewest of all people: but because the Lord loved you.” He loved them because He chose to love them, and because He would carry out His promise, and not for anything there was in them.

We are “beloved of God” for the same reason. He is love, and chooses to love us. He is aware of all that we are in ourselves and of all that we have done and may do. “He saw us ruined by the fall, and loved us notwithstanding all.” And He has provided a way by the gift of His beloved Son and by the atoning work of Calvary to have us near Himself in perfect righteousness, when His love can rest upon us in fullest complacency now, and the day is nearing when He will conform us to the image of His Son in glory. Then “He will rest in His love, and joy over us with singing,” as in a still later day He will over Israel, which is still loved for the fathers’ sake. Till then He is active in His love for our good and profit.

“Beloved of God.” May our souls unfold themselves in the radiance of this truth, “as the rose to the golden sun,” and, in the joy of the blessing which is ours, pour out our worship in His holy ear!

“Called saints.” Saints by the call of God! Of old Abram was called of God and directed to leave his country, his kith and his kin, to go forth whither he knew not. He was to be led of God, cared for by God, and to be a witness for God in an idolatrous world. He was separated from the rest in order to be for God’s glory in the midst of evil.

So it is with the “beloved of God” today. They are set apart for God Himself to be here in the world for His pleasure (see Ps. 4:3). “They are not of the world,” but are “sent into the world” as Christ was sent into the world.

And all the “beloved of God” are saints. GOD has called them in grace. He has separated them from the present evil age. They are His. And in the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling them, they are to walk before Him and witness on His behalf.

It is said that Russians who live amid the ice and cold of their Northern latitudes take care to be warm before going out of doors to face the bitter wind and frost, and that thus they preserve their health. Let it be so with us, that we enjoy to the full that which is ours as the “beloved of God” inside in the secret of His presence before we go outside to face the hatred and scorn of the world as those who are “called saints.” Thus shall we be for His glory and praise.


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