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by Inglis Fleming

Do you remember what Philip preached to the black man in his chariot? One word tells us what the subject was, and it is not a long word either—five letters only make it up—


Yes, JESUS was his text and his sermon, and every good preacher must make that name his text and his sermon, for there is “none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” Tens of thousands of people value the name VICTORIA. It speaks of the kindness and sympathy of the Queen. But that name, great as it is, can accomplish nothing for us with God. Queen Victoria is a sinner, and, like every other sinner, needs a Saviour. Let us trust that she has fled to Christ, for He is the only Saviour.

Millions of people value the name of Mahomet. Other millions value the name of Confucius, and yet other millions value the name of Buddha. But Mahomet, Confucius, and Buddha were all sinners—they could not save. The name JESUS is the only name given anywhere for salvation. It is through Him alone that anyone can be brought nigh to God. As the well-known chorus says—

“Jesus died upon the tree,

Jesus rose triumphantly,

Jesus only perfect plea,

None but Christ can save me.”

When the Son of God was coming into the world God sent an angel to say what His name was to be. Gabriel told both Joseph and Mary that His name was to be called “JESUS.” So there was no need to ask one another, “What shall we call the babe?” God had told them by His messenger, and they called Him by the name given. But why was He called JESUS? What does the name mean? The answer is given in the angel’s words, “Thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins.”

The first syllable of the name, “JE,” stands for “Jehovah,” and the last syllable, “sus,” means “Saviour.”

If we put the two together we find—


Yes, Jesus is Jehovah. He is the Lord of all, and He became man that He might be the Saviour—the Saviour of sinners young and old.

“Jesus for sinners left

His glorious throne on high;

Jesus for sinful children came

To suffer and to die.”

Perhaps you do not consider it is a serious thing to be a sinner; but think—nothing could put away your sins but the sufferings and death of the Lord Jesus.

No angel could cleanse you. All the angels in heaven could not possibly make you fit for heaven. None other than the Son of God, who made heaven and earth, could bear your sins and blot them out.

All who are blessed with the knowledge of sins forgiven owe it to the Lord Jesus. They can sing about His name—

“It tells us of a Saviour’s love

Who died to set us free;

It tells us of His precious blood,

The sinner’s perfect plea.”

Yes, “the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanseth us from all sin.” However sinful we feel we are, we may come to God trusting that name alone. There is no other, and we need no other. It is a perfect plea. We can say, “O God, I am a sinner! I have been wicked, but Thou didst give Thy Son to die for me, and I do believe on Him and trust in His precious blood alone.”

It is because Christ died that God can righteously forgive us all our sins and bring us quite near to Himself.

Do you know the Lord Jesus as your Saviour?


Scattered Seed 1901, p. 8

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