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Coming to Christ

by Inglis Fleming

What is it to come to Christ? is the question sometimes asked by those anxious to beat peace with God. Christ’s blessed invitation has been given. The sweet message, “Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden,” has been sounded in their ears. They know that He is able to save, they believe that He is willing to save, but they do not know how to answer His invitation and come to Him.

Let me seek to help such by presenting the good news in other ways. Firstly,


The way of blessing is presented in Romans 10:13, in one of the simplest of forms, “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Now calling upon Him is coming to Him. I turn to Him in my need. My cry goes up to Him, the Lord, who “is rich to all who call upon Him,” and He answers it and saves me in His grace. How simple this is. It could not be made more easy for the longing soul. Hard indeed was the task for our adorable Lord. Infinite were His sufferings under the judgment of God at Calvary. But for the repentant sinner, for the penitent believer, how plain is the path. Christ has earned the salvation for us. It is in His pierced hands for all who desire it, and it is bestowed upon “whosoever”—every one who calls upon Him.

An illustration may help to make this clear.

Years ago one of England’s nobility, Lord Adalbert Cecil, having been converted to God during a period of military duty in Canada, began to preach the gospel. In this service the whole of his subsequent life was spent. While holding a series of services in Grantham, Lincolnshire, he stayed in a lady’s house. He was very generous to the poor, and his kindness became known to the vagrants who filled the common lodging-houses of the town. The result was that morning by morning, about ten o’clock, a number of them would visit the house where he was staying. They would call upon him. And he would always give them something, food or money or clothing. He was rich to all who called upon him. Perhaps he was not wise in so doing. But this was his custom. He would never send away empty any beggar who waited upon him for help.

So it is with the Lord Jesus Christ today. He has won eternal salvation for sinners, and sits in glory now at the right hand of God, exalted to be a Prince and a Saviour. And any poor guilty sinner who calls upon Him receives salvation freely, without money and without price. The heart’s cry goes up to Him, and the hand of power and mercy bestows the desired salvation at once. I call upon Him myself and He answers, Himself. I do not ask some fellow-sinner to go to Him for me. I come to Him in this way myself. I call upon Him directly. I speak into His own ear without any mediator between us, and the response is given immediately.



Christ knocks at our hearts today. He has been cast out and crucified by the world. But in grace and goodness He seeks an entrance into our hearts; if the world has rejected Him, He yet desires to be received by us. Thus it is He knocks for admittance. So it was when on earth He said to Zacchaeus, “Make haste and come down, for today I must abide at thy house.” Did Zacchaeus refuse so gracious a guest? No; he made haste, he came down and received Him joyfully. With what result? The Lord Himself, tells us in the words, “This day is salvation come to this house.”

Now, supposing you were at home in your own house, and the Lord Jesus were to enter the gate and to come up the garden path and knock at the door for admission. You saw Him enter the gate and knew who it was who knocked at the door. What would you do? Would you not unfasten the door at once and welcome Him as Zacchaeus did? You would not allow the thickness of the door to remain between yourself and Himself. Then you would receive Him, would you not? You answer, “Yes, indeed I would, most gladly.” Then you have received Him into your heart already. You do believe upon Him; there is nothing between you and Him now. You have come to Him. You look to Him alone for salvation. You trust in Him only for your cleansing from sin. You rely upon Him and no one and nothing else for right to enter heaven. This is coming to Him.



The world’s prince, Satan, calls you. Christ, the Saviour of sinners, the Lord of Glory, calls you too. To whom will you give ear? Whose call will you obey? Satan calls you to go along “The World Road.” What does he offer you if you do so? He says, “I will give you pleasures, gaiety, riches, popularity, friendship. You shall have a merry life if you serve me, and dull care will be driven away.” But let us ask, Where does the road end? “Oh, we never speak of that,” he replies, “we go in for present enjoyment and leave the future to take care of itself.” But what is the end of that path? SORROW—DEATH—JUDGMENT—ETERNAL JUDGMENT. Christ calls you to go along after Him on “The Christian Road.” What does he offer you if you do so? He says, “I will give you rest and peace and true and lasting happiness. You shall have power given you by the Holy Spirit to serve Me and to live a life of usefulness to others. You shall be blessed yourself and be made a blessing to those around you.” And let us ask, Where does that road end? The answer is, In everlasting glory—to be with Christ where He Himself has gone.

Now you cannot go both roads. You cannot serve two masters. Which road will you go? Which master will you serve? Which end would you reach? Make your choice. Do I hear you saying, “I have made it already. Christ is my choice. I long to follow Him faithfully. I desire above all else to serve Him”? Then you have come to Him. You turn from the world and decide for Him. You take Him to be your Saviour, your Master, your Leader, and He takes you to be His servant, His follower, His disciple.



You openly take sides with Him. You confess before men that you are on His part. You join His ranks. You put on His regimentals. Henceforth, you are one of the “King’s Own,” not only really by faith but publicly by profession.

Thus it was with some of David’s followers. When asked on whose side they were they heartily responded, “Thine are we, David, and on thy side, thou son of Jesse. Peace be to thine helpers, for thy God helpeth thee.” They linked themselves with David and with those who fought on his side. Can you in truth say, Lord Jesus, I yield to Thy claims? Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do? Or as it is put in a verse:

“Just as I am, by grace set free,

To be the best that I can be

For truth and righteousness and Thee,

Lord of my life, I come.”

Place yourself at His disposal. He has bought you by His precious blood. You belong to Him. Purchased with that infinite price, you are no longer your own. Say then to Him and before others

“Lord, I am Thine, Thy claims I own,

To Thee alone I now would live;

Who bowed my heart before Thy throne,

And gave me all that love could give.”

Have you already identified yourself with Him? Have you already acknowledged that He is your Lord, and that you desire to serve Him? Then you have come to Him. And all the blessings He suffered to gain for you are yours.

Have you not yet come to Him? Oh delay not for another hour.

Call upon Him at once.

Open your heart to receive Him now.

Make Him your definite choice this hour.

Enlist in His ranks and confess Him.

without delay.

Then shall peace and joy present and eternal be your portion.


Scattered Seed 1916, p. 157


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