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Truly Wealthy

by Inglis Fleming

The story is told of a sweep who, having swept the chimneys of a house in the west of London, was leaving the premises, when he passed the nobleman to whom the mansion belonged. Looking up, he respectfully asked, “Have you the wealth of Christ’s salvation?” A few weeks passed and the sweep was summoned to visit the nobleman on his dying bed, and through his lips the knowledge of God’s salvation reached him.

It was only a word, but it was spoken in season, and was used by the Spirit of God for the blessing of a soul.

This is the Christian’s privilege, to be useful, and to be used by the Lord.

Around us on every side are needy souls longing for rest and peace. The world has failed to give them satisfaction. Their sins weigh them down. The thought of judgment terrifies them. To such, a word in season may be of incalculable blessing.

We may be assured of this, that if we are really fit for service there will be no lack of opportunity to serve.


Scattered Seed 1892, p. 162

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