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True Blue

by Inglis Fleming

A boy who worked in the docks was poor but rich. He had little of this world’s goods, but he had come to Christ. He had touched Him in simple faith and was made rich—really rich for time and for eternity. Those riches which alone give heart satisfaction could never be taken away from him.

When in deep distress of soul he had come to the Saviour he had cried, “O Lord, save me! Do save me, Lord. If you will save me, I will be sure to be true blue, Lord.”

By being “true blue” he meant that he would be faithful and loyal to Christ.

The Lord received him and saved him. His word was true for him as it is for all. “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” He called and the Lord saved him.

Bright and happy in his new-found joy he sought to live true to his Saviour and Lord.

The test soon came. One of the men who was employed near him at the docks wanted him to do a wrong thing. He offered the boy half a crown if he would do it. For a moment the boy hesitated, for he was very poor, and the money looked most tempting. Then suddenly the remembrance that he belonged to Christ flashed into his mind. He felt his need of the strength of Christ to keep him, and immediately sinking down on to his knees he prayed, “Lord, I told You if You would save me, I would be sure to be true blue, Lord. Oh, keep me true blue, Lord!”

Rising from his knees he at once said, “You may keep your half-crown, for I cannot do a wrong thing.”

This was a brave confession of Christ.


Scattered Seed 408 (1917)

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