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It Matters to Him About You

by Inglis Fleming

It matters to Him about you” (1 Peter 5:7, free translation)

Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you” (K.J.V.).

“It matters to Him about you.” He has a care, a solicitude for your welfare. Then leave all your concerns in His hands. He will not fail you, or forsake you.

The hireling, of whom our Lord speaks, flees when he sees the wolf coming. He cares for his wages. He cares for the safety of his own skin. But he cares not for the sheep themselves save as a means of livelihood for himself. He is not concerned in reality for the sheep. He will not put himself to pains for their welfare, but deserts them in the hour of their need. Not so the true Shepherd. He gives His life for the sheep. They are the objects of His tenderest thought and desire. “It matters to Him about” them.

In the knowledge of this we may rejoice. The integrity of His heart and the skilfulness of His hands are ever on behalf of the least of the lambs and sheep of His flock. In love He has died for them. In love He now lives for them. And the activities of His love are shown in His present ministry of prayer and advocacy on their behalf.

It matters to Him about you.” The world troubles itself little if at all with regard to you. It does not understand, or appreciate you. Whether you live or die is a matter of indifference with its votaries. It pursues its pleasures of sin and race for wealth and fame and position. In Christ and in Christians who are true to Him it has little if any interest.

It matters to Him about you.” Your spiritual well-being is dear to His heart and He moulds your circumstances in view of your growth in the knowledge of Himself.

“There is nothing too great for His power,

And nothing too small for His love.”

in all that is connected with the life of any one of His own.

It matters to Him about you.” Then roll upon Him your every burden and leave all in His hands. Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He will act for your good and blessing. Put your whole affairs in His hand. You may rely upon His wisdom, His strength and His grace to bring to pass that which will be for your present and eternal good.


S.T. 1933

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