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God For Us

by Inglis Fleming

In these three words we find the source and strength of the Christian’s blessing. If He be for us—on our part—who can be against us? If in the love of His heart He has undertaken our cause, who can withstand His power and wisdom and skill?


He has shown Himself to be for us in that He gave His own Son, His well-beloved One, to bring us near to Himself in righteousness. We were far away from Him, in the darkness and distance of sin, having no desire after Him. If we could have hidden ourselves from His all-searching eye we should have done so. We desired none of His ways. We feared the judgment which was our due. The thought of the intent of our heart was only evil continually.

Then it was that He loved us. Not on account of our being lovable in ourselves, for we were not. On the contrary we were hateful. But because of what He is in Himself, He loved us. And in that unsearchable love He gave His only Son, so that we should not perish, but that we might have everlasting life.

None other could be found in heaven or on earth who could meet our need. None other was great enough to bear the judgment and to exhaust it. But He was given and in love He came and suffered and died on our behalf. “God commendeth His love towards us”—His own especial peculiar love—“in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”


The atoning work being done and God being glorified thereby in every attribute of His being, the way has been opened in which we may be set free from all charge. And the moment a sinner believes the good news of the Gospel, that moment he stands justified. And “it is God that justifieth.” Who then shall condemn? Notice the following truths as to this.

It is GOD that justifieth. It was against Him that we had sinned and it is He who forgives and who clears us righteously (Rom. 8:33).

It is by His grace. That is, it is in free undeserved favour on His part without any merit or title on ours.

It isthrough the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” God is righteous in counting the believer righteous, because Christ Jesus suffered for sins and has obtained eternal redemption for us at Calvary (Rom. 3:24).

It is by faith before God. This is the hand which is put out to receive the free gift of God, and “all that believe are justified”—and they are justified from all things (Rom. 5:1).

It is witnessed by works before men. The life of the Christian bears testimony to what has come to pass in his conversion (Jas. 2:24).


Though loved so freely and justified so fully the Christian has to pass through a world of trial and difficulty. His path, if faithful to Christ, is not likely to be a smooth or easy one. He has the flesh within. The world with its snares is around him. The great enemy, Satan, is against him. Well might he be filled with fear. But he is not sent to war at his own charges. GOD IS FOR US. Not only was He for us when He justified us from all our sins and sinfulness. He IS for us now and will be FOR US in unchanging love and power right on through life’s journey. And He with consummate skill and in unwearying love causes all things to work together for our good. He has called us to His glory and on the way moulds and fashions every circumstance for our true and everlasting benefit. By and by we shall see how this has come to pass, but even now in the confidence of faith we may sing,

“With mercy and with judgment,

My web of time He wove;

And aye the dews of sorrow,

Were lustred with His love.”

and the day draws near of which we add,

“I’ll bless the hand that guarded,

I’ll bless the heart that planned;

When throned where glory dwelleth

In Immanuel’s land.”

Happy are we who know that God is “for us.”


Edification 1932


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