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Christ is the Saviour for You

by Inglis Fleming

Do you know this loving Saviour yet? I wonder. Often you have heard of His wondrous love, in leaving His bright home in glory, and coming here into this world, and of His death on the cross in order that sinners might be saved—and perhaps your father and mother, and many of your friends are already saved—but do you know Him as your own Saviour?

Have you heard of the little girl who wrote out all the titles of the Lord Jesus which she could find in the Bible. She found many, and made a list of sixty or seventy titles. But the last she wrote was one which she did not find in her Bible, but in her own heart. It was this, “He is my own dear Saviour.” If you write out as many of these names as you can find, can you add what the little girl put at the close of her paper?—Do you think you can?

I had a letter some time since from one of my many young friends, and in it she says, “I wish I could say as the little girl who wrote the names of Jesus, ‘and He is my own dear Saviour.’ I cannot say that, how I wish I could, but Satan often whispers to me and says there is plenty of time to come to Jesus yet, stop till you get older, but I know that he is a liar.” Yes, my little friend who wrote this is quite right, for we read in John 8:44, that Satan “is a liar” and that “there is no truth in him.”

How many poor souls he has deceived by telling them “there is plenty of time to come to Jesus yet.” Are you listening to his lie? “Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation” (2 Cor. 6:2). So there is no time to lose.


Scattered Seed 1928, p. 44

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