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With the King for His Work

by Inglis Fleming

These were the potters, and those that dwelt among plants and hedges: there they dwelt with the king for his work” (1 Chronicles 4:23).

“With the king for his work.” They were near their master, and learning his mind, could carry it out for his pleasure. And this whether they were potters moulding clay or gardeners caring for plants or trimming hedges—potters or gardeners, they abode with the king for his work. Their names come down to us with honourable mention on account of their service, and we may learn a lesson from them in our service for our Master.

And the lesson is this, that communion comes before service, and that service is poor and profitless apart from communion.

When the Lord chose the twelve He chose them that they might be with Him—that was the first point; they were to share with Him in His rejection, they were to keep company with Him.

In secret with Him they would catch His spirit and learn His mind and ways, and thus be qualified to be sent forth by Him to preach.

And it is remarkable that at the close of His ministry He says to His faithful servants—Ye are they that have preached for Me? No! Wrought miracles for Me? No! “Ye are they that have continued with Me.” It was this He valued—their company.

Beloved fellow-workers, let us take heed to ourselves in this respect. Let us ever remember that our communion must precede our service—that we must dwell with our Master for His work.

We think of “our service,” and hurry hither and thither, but “for His work” we must abide with our Master. Only thus shall we serve aright.


Scattered Seed 1901, p. 126

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